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    I have Agenda installed on my Pre, and right after Midnight, the calendar changed to the 1st of January. I started the program to check my schedule, and Agenda just hanged, wouldn't open. I restarted the phone and tried again, same thing so I went into the Pre calendar and all of my appointments was gone, cleared.

    I do sync with my Microsoft Exchange, and Google calendars. Neither showed up. Did anyone else have the same problem? How can I fix this?

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    I am in the same boat. I have removed both my Google and Exchange accounts and added them back, my Google items came back, but as soon as I added the Exchange account - gone. Everything is missing again. I have restarted and restarted and nothing. Anyone else? Any ideas?
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    Just found this thread:

    (copy and paste, can't post links yet)

    I went into the view options for the calendar and turned off my exchange account and bingo! There were all of my Google items. Apparently we have ourselves a bug.

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