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    OK... went through my contacts on google today and cleaned house, also added some new contacts directly through gmail on the web. Now, my Pre doesn't reflect any of that work and also the new contacts I added are not showing up either... I double checked and made sure they were part of 'my contacts' and forced a manual sync several times without result so I totally deleted google from my pre and re-added it and still no change.

    Any ideas out there??? It's been about 12 hours since I made the changes on google.
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    Yeah, I also am having issues with my google account not syncing. I did a webOS Doctor and have all sorts of email and instant messaging contacts back, but my phone numbers aren't showing up. I checked my contacts through gmail and the phone numbers are still in there under the "My Contacts" group as a subgroup called "Phone Numbers".

    I'll keep searching for advice...
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    I started having this trouble after doctoring the Pre. My primary gmail only recognizes 80 of my 400 contacts. Copied the contacts into my 2nd gmail account and tried to sync & only got 200 or so of the 400. I partial erased, full erased & web os doctored again, but nothing.....1.3.5 may have broken gmail contact sync
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    After Doctor only 70 of over 200 contacts are syncing. what the hell.
    whatever floats your boat, buddy.
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    delete gmail from all apps (calender, IM, email, and contacts) then re-add in email which should resync the entire thing. Hope that helps
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    I deleted my acct that I sync my contacts to and 5min after reinstalling that account, I lost MORE contacts! I will report tomorrow with any changes.
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    I am having the same problem after using webOS Doctor 1.3.5. I have 183 contacts in "My contacts" in google. 57 of them are coming down to my phone. I have tried a partial erase twice. I tried making a new Palm profile. I've tried erasing all of my google accounts and then adding them back. Nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated
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    Had this problem too with 1.3.5. Full doctoring didnt seem to help. Had to delete my google accounts on the phone and replace with exchange. Not optimal but at least I have my contacts. Wont work for email though keeps giving me wrong password errors. Its all screwy.
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    It didn't get better overnight. I think this is a bug that occurs to those who have doctored. Or maybe 1.3.5 isn't syncing like it's supposed to (those who haven't doctored or erased don't know bcuz their contacts are cached).
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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobdude View Post
    delete gmail from all apps (calender, IM, email, and contacts) then re-add in email which should resync the entire thing. Hope that helps
    That is what used to fix the issue with past issues, but after 1.35 and the webos doctor it doesn't work anymore

    This is nuts.
    whatever floats your boat, buddy.
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    So, not moving all of the contacts over comes from doing a webos doctor ... I did a total reset first and then mine only synced 212 out of 650 contacts.

    So, the work-around is to doc your phone with 1.3.1 and then sync up with google. Once everything is up and going ... then upgrade to 1.3.5.

    That works for getting them copied over ... don't know about keeping them synced after that because I don't think I've made any changes.
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    I am having the same issue and my wife is having the same with her yahoo contacts
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    Had to drop exchange due to some issue where it didn't like my password. Back to using the google stuff and everything is OK except the contacts. This is really ticking me off and I just want m contacts in my phone ...

    I notice I only pulled in 3 contacts, and that only 3 people are signed in to their gchat. Wonder if that is the key.
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    same problem here. i updated via evdo and lost app cat. and all saved sms and all but 7 of my google contacts (out of 200). then i doctored and restored all except google contacts. i copied my contacts to a yahoo email and synced them and now at least i have them but i hope this thursday we see 1.3.6 or something to fix it.
  15. #15 did not fix my Google Contact syncing issue. Did it fix it for anyone else?
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    have you guys tried removing numbers and special characters from your google contact names? try that and your google contacts should sync to your device.
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    I just had to use DR on my phone and now I have 5 Gmail contacts of 152 that came over!!! *** anybody know of a fix yet?
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    ok I found a fix...YAY for me everybody thank me for this one...

    goto Google Contacts

    Click on SELECT ALL
    Then click on EXPORT

    Select what you want to export

    Then select Vcard format

    Click EXPORT

    Save the file then email it to your up the email andthe attachment...Your WebOS will ask if you want to import all ### contacts and click yes/import.

    Thanks to all and HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!
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    interesting fix.

    question: how many contacts did you have and how large was the vcard file?
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    152 contacts 15kb file
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