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    I just opened one of my contacts on my pre and it appears to have somehow pulled in data from a bunch of different contacts and merged them under this one person. My google contacts list is correct, but it then pulled phone numbers, emails, etc. from somewhere and merged it. how do I fix this?? I am syncing with facebook, yahoo, google, and palm profile.

    I also noticed that when I add contacts directly to gmail/google, they don't appear on my pre. I force a sync and they still don't show up... any ideas??
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    Strange issue, I have seen it come up a few times before.

    There are a few ways to correct this (hopefully)

    The first way to try is

    1. Remove the accounts affected, I am assuming these are all not google contacts ( if they are then it might even be easier)
    2. Then just re add the accounts back and see if everything links back together again.

    If that doesn't do it then the other way to resolve the issue is to

    1. Partial erase the phone
    2. Sign back into your profile

    Since the linking of the contacts is not backed up the idea is the device will forget these are linked together.
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    OK...after a little research, it appears that at some point in the past I have emailed someone from my gmail account without attaching a name to the email address. Gmail then adds that email address with a name of unnamed. I had about 30 of these unnamed entries and the Pre was attaching all those together, then going from there and attaching those entries to any contact that had a matching email address which then got linked to other accounts with an email address in the initial unnamed batch and so on and so on...... it was worse than a chain mail... now I just need to figure out how to empty my palm profile contact list so I can start from scratch again.
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    To delete your palm profile (if that is where the data is stored) do the following steps

    1. Turn back up off
    2. Partial erase the device
    3. Wait about 30 minutes
    4. Sign back into your Profile
    5. You will then lose any data that is saved in the palm profile

    Do know that means anything else that is saved in the palm profile is gone as well. Calendar, memo's, etc

    If that is not the process you want to take then you will need to manually delete the contacts.

    Now if all of these contacts are linked together as you say they are then all you have to do is delete the main contact and everything linked under it will be deleted as well.
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    I've also noticed it "auto-links" matching entries, which is sorta nice except when you're trying to put phone numbers in an ICE (in case of emergency) entry on your phone, and DON'T want it to end up linking your wife, parents, etc...

    I just go to the contact with the links you don't want that it's autolinked, touch the contact name (in my case I knew which contact it was under but if you're not sure you can certainly look for the # superposed over the contact picture or icon) and then manually unlinked additional named under there. It does seem to remember that I don't want those contacts linked anymore despite identical contact numbers, as it has not re-linked them for me after a couple of backups and restarts/resyncs, either.

    Might not work for you, in this case, if you've got a whole slew of people linked to the same blank entry, the daisycutter approach might be more appropriate.

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