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    So I look around here alot and seem to be able to resolve all issues thus far just by searching these forums. However this may be a new issue.. Last night I uninstalled my homebrew stuff, preware, dev mode, tweaks etc.. only a few things, and ran the new Palm update. All went well and the phone started back up and worked great. I went to updates again to check for any other updates and it showed an available update for Pocket Mirror and PDF viewer. I use Pocket Mirror regularly so I choose update. After the down load I get a notification that simply says "Install Failed" and a pop up from the bottom that prompts me to restart the device claiming system adjustments need to be made to complete installation.

    I've gone through the scenario multiple times with no success. I also see some reviews on the Pocket Mirror app page that claim the same thing so I know I'm not alone.

    Any suggestions or recommendations??

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    there is also an pocket mirror update required for your pc that you sync to, although it sounds like you did not get that far.
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    Actually during my searching I did see the update for the desktop and got it installed. Whats got me messed up big time is that all my Outlook contacts are gone from my phone. I'm suprised that when you remove Pocket Mirror from the Pre, along with it goes your Outlook contacts.. very dissapointing.

    Still looking for a resolution.. I'm considering doing a factory default reset if there is such a thing.. never had to search for, or try that thus far with my pre.

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    This is a 1.3.5 problem. See this thread
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    I got a quick reply from Chapura who instructed me to save my images and make sure everything is backed up. They said to do a "partial erase reset" from device info. The phone reset and re installed all my info from Palm backup I presume, and after that Pocket Mirror installed perfectly and I synced my Outlook contacts. Took all of 20 minutes from reset to finish.

    I did notice that now Facebook friends are listed in contacts as new or linked contacts.


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