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    Anyone else notice that since the update hotmail loses it's connection alot and now gives you a new little error at the bottom about it with a white icon and exclamation point in the middle of it? If this does happen often, it is annoying that they added this cause now I get messages every time it can't reach hotmail...
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    I don't have that problem at all with my hotmail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cowgirlupkelly View Post
    I don't have that problem at all with my hotmail.
    how can i get hotmail to work in my pre.. please help. im in germany and using 1.3.5 version of sprint software . it was always so . would be nice to use hotmail in my pre.... thanks
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    add account information for email and type in your hotmail address the pre does the rest.
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    I have the same thing going on with my hotmail acct. I am afraid to delete and readd that account in fear something else may mess up. Other than that, the update i guess has increased speed and function of the phone, but to be honest not really notice too much difference. It still works and that makes me happy!!
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    same problem here.
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    I also have the same issue with Hotmail since the 1.3.5 update, it appears to have issues updating email and shows the exclamation mark within a yellow triangle often when viewing the inbox on the device.

    I did delete and reinstate my Hotmail account on the device; had no effect, nothing lost, nothing gained.

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