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    Hey everyone, I hope someone here can help me...

    I am trying to configure my Pre to talk with my school's IMAP/SMTP system. It uses SSL w/Auth for both IMAP and SMTP. When I input all of my information and hit 'Sign In' I receive a message saying "The server's security certificate is not a trusted certificate".

    I opened the web browser and navigated to the actually address I am trying to connect to. It asked me if I wanted to trust the certificate, trust it once, or ignore it. I trusted the certificate (not the trust once option, the permanent trust option) and am still having the same issue.

    Has anyone had this problem? Anyone have any advice on how to solve this? Is there some command I can run from the command prompt on the phone?
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    I am having the same problem.... It appears that Palm now requires that the Certificate for the Mail server MUST be from a recognized Certificate Authority or it just won't allow SSL....

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    You need to get a copy of the certificate (.crt, .pem, .cer, or .der), put it in your Pre's USB drive partition, and install it using the Certificate Manager (in Device Info, go to the menu).

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