I'm thinking about switching from an iPhone 3G to a Palm Pre. I've been reading about the Pre (reviews, commentary, the Sprint user guide), watching comparison videos, listening to Pre-centric podcasts for a few days. Trying to learn.

Here are my main concerns:

How do you sync music, podcasts, videos onto the Pre (using the "official" WebOS method...no third party software involved). My iTunes library is about 30-40 GB of media. Mostly music. Mostly, already, in MP3 format. I should also mention that I'm using the latest version of iTunes on Mac OS X 10.6.x Snow Leopard.

I've heard some bad things related to saving Contacts and Calendars in your Palm Profile. The problem has something to do with WebOS version incompatibility after upgrading to WebOS 1.3.5. I use a lot of Google services already so syncing my iCal calendars and Address Book contacts to Google's servers isn't a big deal for me. One more thing on this note: Is there a way to sync iCal to-do items to Palm Pre?

I have a bunch of other questions but I'll leave it at that for now. I still have another 200-pages in the user guide to scan though. And there are rumors of a new Pre (Plus?) being offered on Verizon in Jan 2010. I'm waiting, trying to make an informed choice. Your input is appreciated.