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    So I WebOS Doctored my Pre today to 1.3.1 then I logged in to my palm profile and all my pictures and homebrew apps were installed. Is this normal? Shouldn't it a Doctor wipe my phone?
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    What I've heard is that WebOS doctor 1.3.1 only wipes the internals, meaning the operating system itself, not the music, apps, and pictures.
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    problems with 1.3.5?
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    I updated to 1.3.5 after, no problems with the OS I've just done so much to my Pre that I wanted to start fresh.
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    ok it just seemed like maybe you hit a snafu with 1.3.5 and were doctoring to 1.3.1 to wait for a fix
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    I'm not seeing any problems with 1.3.5 that I didn't see with earlier OS versions. In fact. the problems are all the same, with the exception that New Years Eve and New Years Day are now moving around between correct and a day early. I give up on the POS.

    Yes, I understand homebrew and webOS Dr. I wiped all that out on Pre #2, to avoid any confusion as to whether the problems were mine or Palms. My device is now vanilla. Palm still insists the problems are Sprint's. Let the free market decide.

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