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    Need some help or clarification with Contacts coming from Google to my PRE.

    Had to do a Partial Reset for the first time since Ive had my PRE(Original launch day one).

    When I look at my contacts, which are all from Google, in my PRE it says I only have 67, with plenty missing, since I have 157 when I look at Google contacts online. Some of these missing numbers are highly important, ie, bosses, family and what not that are not on my PRE.

    Anyone have any ideas why only have my Contacts end up on my PRE, when I can see all of them there in Google Contacts online??
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    my google sync will not work after the new update. Only have 2 contacts under google where there should be 80. I think the 2 were added from the phone all others were there from befor. Partial erase did not help.
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    Are they in "All Contacts" or "My Contacts" with 1.3.1 it started pulling only from My Contacts to avoid Google added contacts
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    Quote Originally Posted by jesmann View Post
    Are they in "All Contacts" or "My Contacts" with 1.3.1 it started pulling only from My Contacts to avoid Google added contacts
    Good call, they are all under ALL Contacts....but why would I have half of them on my PRE??

    More importantly im not to good with Google usage, how do I move the Contacts in the "All" category to the My Contacts?
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    In All Contacts, select all, and hit the button "Move to My Contacts" that's towards the top over to the right.
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    mine are in my contacts and worked finr before. Will check google contact page wheni can...
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    anybody have any ideas here?

    I remove and re-add the account but it still doesn't sync back to my PRE. No idea why it isn't coming up at all.
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    Mine was not pulling any. found a duplicate email account under calender. removed all instances of said email address on phone (IM, calender, email, etc) then re-added under email and all was well.

    Hope that helps
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    well I tried that but only get the same 67 contacts again. Looks like I will manually have to re-add the ones that are missing, which sucks.
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    You ask me this whole update sux same thing happining with contacts on the phone with sprint now by the way is transfering me to palm this sux
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    in Google Contacts click All Contacts, then click select all and copy. Then paste them to My Contacts. Then sync your contacts in your Palm Pre.
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    under my contacts it says I have 152 which is bout right. So I'm not sure what I'm missing here?
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    palm no help yet onto my third level of specialist ooooooooooh boy

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