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    I just exchanged my pre (purchased the 1st day out) for a new one yesterday. The thing I forgot is the whole itunes sync issue. I was able to get all my playlists (artwork etc.) on the original pre with the older version of itunes.

    I downloaded itunes 8 and deleted 9. I am unable to open itunes because it is stating that the library was created by a newer version. Any advice on how to fix this. I am using a macbook intel.

    Thank you!!!
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    Best I could suggest is google around for someone who has an archive of itunes installers. You might get lucky and find somewhere.

    See if this helps
    or this
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    Go to your music folder. Go to the Intunes folder, take all the music out of there and place it some place safe. Then erase the itunes folder. Then move the music back into my music, load up iTunes, and have it rescan your folders for music.

    That should work.

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