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    I've spent the last couple of days trying to chase down what I thought was a problem with ActiveSync and my Pre's calendar, namely that my old calendar entries from my work Exchange account were not appearing on my Pre (past, oh, about 2 weeks ago). I've webOS Repair-ed, soft reset a few times, and deleted the Exchange account from my Pre a few more times. I even used Chapura PocketMirror to sync my full calendar via Outlook, but that resulted in double entries going forward and I undid that.

    Finally, I dimly remembered something from my experiences with Exchange ActiveSync back in my PalmOS days, and researched it to verify. Yep, by what appears to be my work network's default, Exchange ActiveSync only syncs calendar entries 2 weeks back, hence my problem. I tried changing my Pre's calendar manually, but that didn't work, since the "feature" is part of the Exchange server, not my Pre. Unfortunately, while the Pre's e-mail program allows manual override of the default settings for e-mail, there's nothing (I can find) in Calendar that allows me to do so.

    At this point, I'm hoping that my sysadmin at work can change my Exchange profile to allow full calendar sync, as I prefer to be able to look back at my appointments whether I'm at my desk or mobile. (That's one of the reasons I never used ActiveSync on my Palm T|X even when I could; it deleted my Calendar history, even when I was also syncing via Hotsync.) I'd also love to know if this is patchable to allow for local override of Activesync calendar policies.

    Meanwhile, I wanted to post this to keep anyone else from going through the same unnecessary "repair" efforts I did. As I say in my subject heading, the lack of calendar sync beyond two weeks in the past is not a bug, it's a *@*(&@#$@#%% feature. {Jonathan}
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    That is NOT the default setting on Exchange. I have been on multiple exchange servers in many environments and never ran into that. This could be something that was done by your systems admin, or a desktop setting. The default settings on activesync seem to be 3 days (mail, calendar) but you can normally select "sync all" and the exchange server is fine with it.

    Do these calendars show up in Outlook on your desktop? Are they being auto-archived every 14 days without you knowing (which would download them to your personal folders file on your hard drive and delete them off the server)?

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