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    Hi Everybody

    I am having a problem with a new email notification on my Palm Pre. WebOS 1.3.1, currently 3 email accounts and I can't seem to get any notifications on a home screen ???!!

    No idea what I have done wrong, have got couple patches installed but I have uninstalled the ones that have something to do with alerts/notifications...

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Do you have the show icon switch on?
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    Yes I have got it on for every single account in Mail's preferences...
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    Are you getting any notifications from tasks, calendar, missed call etc..?
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    I do get notifications for missed calls, texts. I need to test calendar and tasks. I'm under impression that it's only emails.
    Does it matter if you have more than 1 email mailbox??
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    No it shouldn't I have 4 email boxes and get notifications for each one.
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    Very strange thing...

    I have removed all email accounts and added them once again and everything's working as it should!
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    hi, I thought this was a problem awhile back which was a bug in the system. The solution as I recall was to open the mail program, click on each and every mailbox, do a forced sync of each mailbox (tap the upper right corner) and then the notifications would start again. If you notice this problem again, try it out!

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