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    I just doctored my phone and like always my google contacts didn't sync.
    I deleted the gmail account and added it again like I have always had to do.

    But when I tried to add it it instantly says "Login failed" like it doesn't even try to login. (Doesn't show the loading wheel)

    Other gmail accounts work fine.

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    It probably has something to do with a bad backup. You may have to start fresh and turn off the backup and delete your backup. I"ve gotten that problem with my yahoo account for mail and aol for messaging before. I had to turn off the back up and delete it. There's a thread about bad backups causing problems after you doctor the Pre.
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    I had this problem myself with my first couple Pre's. Google syncing was very intermittent: it would happen sometimes, or not at all. I came to the unfortunate conclusion that somehow the apps that I had syncing to my Google contacts somehow caused the issue. Unfortunate, because that means that in order to test my theory, I had to stop syncing google with all other apps, then delete ALL my google contacts, then re-import them, re-add pics, etc.

    Well, my suffering is a boon to you, because that's exactly what the problem was: Google. There must've been something in the way Google handled one or more contacts, that the Pre didn't like.

    I had to make the assumption that my OS X Address Book played nicely with Google, because I had never had a problem with it on my iPhone. That, and if it didn't I wasn't going to be able to use Google with my Pre. So... I synced Google with the Address Book, then unlinked them. I stopped all other programs from syncing with Google, and then deleted all my Google contacts. I added one contact, then tested it on the Pre. Since it worked (both ways), I deleted that contact, removed syncing to the Pre, and synced my Address Book to Google, thereby restoring all my contacts to Google (sans, at the time, pictures). I resynced the Pre to Google, and voilą!

    Time consuming? Yes. Worth it to have it working properly? Yup.

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