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    hi my phone recently died so i went to a tech center and they had to give me a new one.. i signed into my palm pre and most of the things loaded up.. however my contacts phone numbers are missing.. i can see the names but when i touch to see the number and or info nothing happens.. is there a soultion to this.. should i try a hard reset and sign into my palm profile again?? can it have to do with the serevers being down>? sorry if this is a repeat thread could not find help.. will thank you in advanced> happy holidays
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    I just had the same thing happen, it looks to be a major issue with no way to recover old contacts.

    I just went through my old phone and started a google contact list.
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    that's incorrect, not always a lost case, I had the same issue on the last update, lost over 300 contacts, 300 appts (calendar items) and about 100 memo's, ALL HAVE BEEN RECOVERED....yes, after 2-3 months, but they are back.

    The only thing'll loose new entries between NOW and when you finally recover them, I was writting all the new items I had been adding since it happened, again, 2-3 months, but it was well worth the wait to get all that stuff back, specially when you use it for business and work!!!!

    Call PALM...they'll do a few tech attempts to recover, then they will send your info to a higher tech team, they'll try and send it higher, until someone will finally find your little particle in this misterious cloud they've been talking about, but it's most likely there.

    I'm happy to get my stuff back and spent about a day or so putting in new stuff, but it was well worth it. Call Palm: 877-246-3777
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    This has been discussed dozens of times over the last few months. If you do a Search (Advanced Search - titles only) for "Palm Profile contacts" you can read *all* about it.

    Bottom line is that Contacts stored in the Palm Profile account have been very flaky on recovery. Most folks have found Google sync to be much more reliable and flexible (unless you have another preference like Outlook or Yahoo).
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    ^^What davis.rob said. In reality, there's no easy way to get your info out of the Palm Profile, so why would you want to use it anyway?

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