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    Hey guys,
    I have what I think is a new problem with my pre, and its just more of annoyance rather than a crucial why isn't this working problem. I could have swore when I first got my phone and got my email onto my pre, that it would update with Windows Live on my computer.

    So for example if I got an email from the University I attend for example and wasnt near my computer, I saw it on my phone and realized it was nothing important, so I would delete it, only to get home and it still appears as a new email on my computer....I swear that it used to not do this, and if I deleted the email on my phone, it was deleted on Windows live and my email account or vice versa.

    Is there a simple way to check if something got turned off?

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    Has this seriously not been an issue for others? Or am I blatantly missing something here?
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    Did you turn on sync deleted emails on the Pre under accounts and preferences?
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    Ya I did that already, and rechecked yesterday. I'm not sure if it's something I need to check over in Window's Live or what the deal is.

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