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    I'm getting a bit jaded about the whole cloud concept.

    I personally almost don't use the Gmail web interface, I do everything on my device. When I do go to the web interface it's usually to fix some sync issue. But then, why am I syncing with it?

    Another justification for the cloud is the ability to access my data everywhere. But I already have my device with me everywhere, so this strikes me as an anachronism tied to desktop computing.

    I can go on but the bottom line is, I think the cloud is not in our interest but rather a ruse to collect our data.

    If I almost never access the web interface, it means that I just need regular backups, not ubiquitous access to my data via the web, and I'm already carrying it all with me anyway.

    So I've been having these crazy thoughts of just syncing with my desktop and leaving the cloud behind me. How crazy is it, what do other people think? Do you have any setup like this that works better than, say, Gmail?
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    I use PocketMirror to sync with Outlook and my Pc all the time. I don't go near The Clouds.

    However, if you were 'on the road' a lot and did not want to have your PIM data backed up to a laptop which could be stolen, I could see the sense of The Clouds
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    I use PocketMirror and love it 100% and you don't even have to pull out a USB cable, it does it all wirelessly! I highly recommend it.

    So far no problems using it.

    I know there are others out there, but I definitely like this better.

    I think they have a 14 day trial!


    PS You could do a mixture of Pocket Mirror and some cloud stuff, like Google on top of it. You not restricted once you use Pocket Mirror not to be able to do the cloud as well.
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