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    Is there a way for me to sync my wife's Google calendar to my Pre without adding her email account to my phone?
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    I would think it'd work if she shared her calendar with you.
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    Yes, in her Calendar have her go into settings and choose Calendar, then choose edit shared settings. Then she selects "Add Person". There she types your gmail account address and saves the settings. Now you go into your Google account and down in other Calendars click on "Add a Friends Calendar". Then you type her email address in the box. Now you can see her Calendar and it should show up in your Pre. If it does not show up in your Pre just delete your google account on the Pre then re add it.

    It works very well. I have one of my Calendars set up so my wife can edit it. That way she can add appointments directly to my Calendar. We both travel a fair amount and I like to know where she is and it is very easy for me to just check her Calendar on my Pre. Try doing that on an Iphone, BlackBerry or Windows phone. Palm Synergy is very underrated in my opinion. Most people don't realize just how handy this feature is.
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