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    since two days straight I can't oost any links or pics on my webos browser to facebook I can't even paste copied links on my status what is really a big downer..I did no updates and did not change anything on my palm...
    I have he newest available webos version on my palm pre

    does anyone have similar problems?
    pls does someone know what to do?
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    oh I just posted all this info with my palm pre so the palm works...
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    helppppp know I can't even post something on facebook
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    Yeah... facebook has been a mess for two days now.. page won't fully load, can't post comments, etc. The mobile site works okay but the full page won't. Works fine from my wife's Blackberry and on my home PC.
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    no links posting is possible anymore the comment box disapears infact it turns grey and those aops and mobile site just don't let you post libks without just showing the whole link without any link preview.... *** I just want to share infos and write comments
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    anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

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