Hi all,

Hoping I can get some help from you on certain problems I have with my pre. I have had the Pre for a week right now and today I noticed that it is not syncing mails to the mail app. As soon as I turn off WiFi it syncs mails to the app but when over WiFi it refuses to show any mails. In the browser version of gmail everything works fine and I can see my new, unread mails. I have a German Pre with version 1.2.1 and it is not patched. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

Another problem I found out about today was that the youtube app does not work in 3G. As soon as I turn on WiFi it works and shows videos. Is this on purpose or also some strange problem that shouldn't be happening?

I appreciate any help I can get from you. Have this occurred to you and how have you resolved it?