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    On my old WinMo phone, if I entered a new event on the phone - it would automatically add it to my calendar in Office on my desktop and vice versa - anything added on the desktop was made aware on my phone...

    With my Pre it only syncs when I add it to my desktop, so it shows on both. If I add an event/meeting in the phone - it wont be in my desktop calendar, just the phone.

    Is this fixable?
    Is it just me?
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    A lot of us have started having problems with this since the last update (1.3.1). The fix, for those of us in the Eastern time zone anyways, has been to go into the Date & Time app and turn "Network time zone" off and manually select New York, United States of America (EST) as our time zone. Other EST locations (Detroit, Toronto) don't work for pushing events created on the Pre over to Exchange, New York does. Makes no sense, but fixed it for many of us... good luck!
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