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    Problem exists for me too, and is INCREDIBLY annoying... the phone seems to push email when it wants (usually overnight or after a few hours of non-use) and I get the little error symbol every once in a while on my email title bar. Palm fix this PLEASE!!!
    From what I have understood in all my reading on the subject, this is as much of a yahoo problem as it is a Palm problem. Make the jump to Gmail. It's not a bad deal. It took me an hour or so to change all my online accounts etc to the new Gmail address but it wasnt bad. Gmail is also very user friendly for those who want to change over from another web-based account. I was able to set Gmail to pull ALL my old email and contacts from yahoo and put it into my Gmail account. Best of all......Gmail pushes 1-2 seconds off of real time.

    Good luck!
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    I've got 2 yahoo accounts working just fine. I added a 3rd, and only on that account do I get the login credentials rejected. I am very reluctant to delete the other accounts and add all 3 again. The 3rd account isn't that important I guess, but it would be a heck of a lot less annoying if it worked like the other 2.
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