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    I have a user that has a Pre and he came to me with this issue, but since im a WinMo guy i am lost on why its happening, maybe one of you can assist...

    He has an inhouse exchange server, working fine.. HIs pre was working perfectly til friday, then all of a sudden it stopped syncing his INBOX only..

    At first i thought it was due to the size of the emails in his box (he has 2 emails alone that were 13 meg), but after removing them his email is not syncing still..

    Anyone have any insites???
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    Are other email accounts on his Pre such as Gmail or Yahoo synching?
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    Yes he has AOL on it and it seems to be working fine.. We wiped the account, and tried to resync and it did the same things, and not even all his contacts came over... Its very odd.. Outlook working fine, web access working 100%.. any ideas?
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    There is a post on this somewhere. Changing the Pre's time zone may fix it. I stopped syncing and changed from "Toronto" to "New York" and now it works fine. Until then I was only getting one-way sync.

    Seems like a bug in the latest update.
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