I could use some help.

I had Google Email Uploader installed on my work computer to sync my Outlook Contacts into my Google domain account.

It worked. Woohoo.

Last week, we had new computers at work.

I installed and ran the Uploader because I had some new Contacts in Outlook.

Things went downhill from there. I ended up with doubles of all Contacts in my Google account.

I figured I'd delete all of my Google contacts and then just run the Uploader again for, hopefully, a clean list in my Google account.

Things went more downhill. Now, no contacts are uploaded to Google. The Uploader runs but uploads nothing.

I then fouind this on a FAQ site: A: The Email Uploader recognizes the previous state of the upload and restarts from that point., uploading any email that hasn't yet been migrated. However, changes in your email program, including different folders structure, newly downloaded mail, etc., may not be accurately reflected. This is because the Email Uploader is designed to be used as a one-time migration event. If you've made significant changes to your email program and want to do a new upload, go to your Google Email Uploader data directory and clean out the UserData.xml file. The Email Uploader will rescan your email program and you'll need to redo the upload configuration process.

---> My problem is that I can't find this so called data directory or file to 'clean out' and I'm wondering if anyone has gone through this before or could guide me through what to do next.

Sorry for the long post but I could use the help. Thank you.