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    I have a work EAS account set up. Inbox, Contacts, and Calendar (one way) sync fine. But the Sent Items folder does not sync. I have to force it manually, and since I do not do that often, it takes a while. I've brought the folder up to date, I exit out, I go back in it, and it reverts back to a while back (2 weeks or so).

    Anyone else have this issue? Or (reword) how do you keep your Sent Items folder synced like the Inbox?

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    I've noticed that also... unfortunately I didn't figure out a fix besides manually refreshing the folder.
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    I notice it is the same for all of my EAS folders (sent, deleted) which is extremely frustrating.
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    The e-mail client will only fetch e-mail automatically for the Inbox of each account you have configured. Unfortunately, the only way fetch new mail in a subfolder like Sent Items or Trash or a folder you created is to open that folder.

    Unfortunately, marking a subfolder as a favorite does not cause that folder to be checked for new mail automatically. Perhaps, Palm will add this capability in a future update. On the iPhone and Thunderbird, you can mark subfolders so that e-mail in them is fetched automatically.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meandmypre View Post
    ....the only way fetch new mail in a subfolder like Sent Items or Trash or a folder you created is to open that folder....
    This is VERY bad. I have over 20 subfolders. It is a waste of time to open each one manually one by one.

    Can somebody code a fix for this? I would be willing to pay for this! If more people want to have this, we can share the costs. Then it would be possible to code no matter how expensive it would be

    IMHO this is one of the most important features for the Palm.

    Is there a contact e-mail for Palm to which we can send suggestions for improvements?

    Thanks in advance

    P.S.: I have webOS 1.3.1 (German) and I use Outlook Exchange 2007 with 1&1
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    This is probably not exactly what you are looking for but if it works, it is better than nothing.
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    Just came across a thread/patch which refreshes all favorite folders with one button press from the main email screen. If we mark the Sent Items as a favorite, that patch should work, right?

    Do a search for Patch--Sync Favorites or something like that. This could be our solution guys.

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