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    What do you do to make effective use of Yahoo Messenger on the Pre? Yahoo insistence that only one client be connected using the same set of credentials means I'm never quite sure of whether I'm logged in on the Pre or not. Yahoo Messenger allows for switching to a phone when signing out from desktop, but that does not work with Pre.
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    I still can't get Yahoo IM to work, done the DR a couple times and still won't connect
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    My Pre keeps logging in to Yahoo Messenger even when I am already logged in and chatting on another computer. It is so frustrating I have removed Yahoo from my Pre -- even though that was the function I was most excited about.

    It is very annoying to have the phone ALWAYS logged in to Messenger. When I am asleep or out to dinner or mowing the yard, it would show up as me online and available to chat, and there's no way I could find to turn it off.

    So now I will add the account when I want to chat on my phone and remove it when I am done. Annoying, but better than the alternative.

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