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    I can't imagine I'm the only Pre user who wants to be able to use messengers (Google, Yahoo, eventually MSN, etc) without having to import all of my contacts into sync. I have a few accounts (personal and work) and really don't want to have all of my contacts from both imported and included in my sync'd contacts.

    Is there anyway to just use a messenger? I come from the world of other phones/systems where the apps were stand alone and I could just login to Yahoo during the work hours with my work account so I could be reached away from my desk but not have all of those contacts clutter my contacts list outside of work.

    Maybe I'm SOL though...
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    I have the same complaint. It is absolutely ridiculous to not have any control over this device. As bad as I want to, I still haven't launched yahoo. This phone has alot of shortcomings, that I can live with. But this entire contact issue, from sorting to sycning, is becoming unbearable.
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    So I'm taking the lack of response as an indication that this isn't such a concern to the wider audience. Further suggesting that Palm probably won't be fixing this or providing this ability.

    Guess I can cross my fingers that someone in the homebrew world will solve this for us...
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    This functionality is really important to me, too. I really would like to be able to sync just some of my contacts from yahoo or exchange. It would even be fine to be able to filter or group contacts from different sources.
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    I'm with ya on this one. Yesterday, I sync'd my yahoo calendar (which is on an old e-mail account).. and to my dismay, all my old yahoo contacts found there way into my phone... causing my wife to ask me why i'm still keeping this one and that one's phone numbers!
    On top of that, anything after 60 days in the calendar didn't sync correctly.
    Just one frustration after another with this phone.
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    lol@guess where im sleeping tonight

    but how come since june theres no standalone IM application yet?
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    Once you add your Yahoo IM account to the messenger, you can delete the accounts that show up in Calendar and Contacts, I believe. I did this with Facebook so I could login through the FB app but removed it from my contacts.

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