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    I'm looking at using Pre's MS Exchange Calender option to sync my office calendar to my Pre. A few questions that I have are:

    1) Can I do one-way sync with this tool? Only from Exchange to Pre?
    2) Everytime I add my calendar, my emails come too. I don't want that. Can I prevent it?
    3) I've tried Google Sync, but all those programs need to have a component running on my work PC. If that PC is in standby, the sync doesn't happen. That why I need something running off the Exchange server, not the PC. Any suggestions?

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    Let's see if this helps

    1. The sync is always two-way. Personally I don't find this a problem, I just have my gmail calendar set as my default.
    2. There is no way to prevent this but you can adjust your settings to only check mail manually but my guess is that will screw up your calendar. You can also just de-select your work inbox as a favorite, move it to the bottom of your email list, set all your notifications to off and just ignore it.
    3. Correct.
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    That seems to be working much better. I guess the first time I tried it, I either had my work inbox has a favorite or I had auto sync of my email boxes.

    Either way, I'd get all these multi-mega-byte emails which would take forever to pull down.

    Thanks for the ideas.

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