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    Who ever is responsible to backing up profile on phone "Sprint or Palm" is a total NOT TRUE,the Palm Back-up profile says "Your data is backed-up automatically every day" total lie. My profile has not been backed-up since Nov. 07, 2009. been over a month! What the Hell!!! So suppose I lost my phone today whatever I saved since NOV 7 will be lost in the cloud.
    I think Palm or Sprint should take this seriouslly.
    Is this suppose to be smart phone?Sorry Palm I don't see it. I love the phone but they have to come with easy way to keep our profile safe and at our fingertips
    Attached is a screenshot to prove it

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    well I would hit that big backup now button if I were you.

    by the way when was the last time you had great sprint signal, yours looks terrible, do you have data off to conserve battery?
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    I already did back it up, I learned not to count on Sprint or Palm.
    I have poor service in my area, that's why I have zero bar
    thank you
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    No problem here now but I did have the same issue a month or so back and fixed it after reading a thread about backups failing... the solution was simple enough. Sorry can't remember what is was. Give search a try, you should find it.
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    the "solution" is to remove the profile and re-add it - some have suggested changing to a different email address, then changing it back to the one you want, as well -

    removing and re-adding for me for about the last 2/3 weeks or so - then on the 6th of Dec it stopped again
    smiles for your day ~ pixielee
    In a love/hate relationship w/my PalmPre(s) 6/6/09 3/22/10 4/12/10 and 5/5/10 (ops yes I lost one!)

    Its Life - Live it, Love it, PLAY in it
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    This was how I finally got my Pre replaced, by order of Palm themselves. But now that I've checked, I see that my Pre has not backed up since 12/4! I guess I have another day-long phone call with Sprint and Palm coming up...
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    I think I read there is a class-action lawsuit being filed over this.

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