I sync my own calendar, email, contacts with EAS. But there is another calendar that also governs my life: the public calendar or the organization I work for. As teh head of the organization I need to access this calendar all the time. It is the calendar that lists all events in our building, who is on vacation, room set ups and special requests. It is set up as a public calendar through Outlook's public folder on the server.

I had my IT create a second EAS account for me on our server. Then he instaled a very inexpensive third party program called Add2Exchange which is able to sync the public calendar on the server with that second outlook user account. It is a one way read only sync. I then set up that second outlook account on my Pre with a different name.

Voila! I now have a separate calendar in my Pre that shows the organization's public calendar. Like all calendars I can view this alone or layered with the others,

I shared this with Dieter and he felt this was cool but a niche item. But I bet there are a lot of people out there who would like access to a public calendar on their company's Outlook server. Well this is how you do it. Hope it is helpful to others.