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    Just intrigued to see how everyone is set up:

    Do you have your Palm Profile as your default profile or your Google Profile as your default profile?

    Question above applies to Contacts and Calendar.

    Interested in your responses as I'm not quite sure which to stick with!!
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    Google....from google you can export to desktop or print to have several copies.... If Palm loses them your screwed
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    I have a Mac and have been using The Missing Sync for about 3 years for my Treo 680. When I first got my Pre, I used the one time data transfer app to get my contacts and calendars to the Pre and now wish I hadn't. Now I have a Missing Sync profile (default that syncs with my desktop), duplicates in the Palm profile and duplicates in the Google profile. Only the Missing Sync and Google profiles keep up to date.
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    Google for me..

    Came to the Pre from Android and all my PIM info was already set up to sync with Google. Seemed silly to change it. Still have my HTC Magic in case the Pre goes bad..
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