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    Is there a inexpensive way to get my contacts from my pre to my outlook
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    or from my pre to Sprint back to outlook
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    did your Pre not sync up with your Outlook via an EAS account? If it's not working (usually due to Outlook server restrictions by your company, etc) you can try companionlink or there is a google app that does this as well but I don't remember the name.
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    Use Missing Sync or Chapura PocketMirror. Personally, I use PocketMirror and it is phenomenal.
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    sjamie, but isnt good for 1 use??
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    sorry that was another Chapura product I was thinking about
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    There are a few threads about extracting your contact info from your palmdatabase.db3 file. Try searching on that. It's possible to get a csv file that you can import into Outlook.
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    Why not sync your contacts to Google then you can download them from Google to Outlook?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nerbe View Post
    Why not sync your contacts to Google then you can download them from Google to Outlook?
    That's non-trivial if you have more than a few that exist only on the Palm profile.
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    Pita, CompanionLink is free for one time use, and you can use it for 14 days without charge.

    However, if your data is in the Palm Profile in Pre, Palm has restricted 3rd party access to the data. The only way currently to move it is to root the device and move the file, as jbg7474 has pointed out.

    How did your data get to the Pre in the first place? Did it come from Outlook, or was it moved by the Sprint store from another phone? It may be easier to get the data again from that source than to try to get it off the restricted area of the Pre.
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    I am using PocketMirror from Chapura (check the Apps store). Be forewarned if you have quite a bit of data it will take about 1,000 records/hour min. It took me over 14 hours to copy from my Outlook to Pre (13,000 rds). Subsequent synch just takes a few minutes. I've used both WIFI or bluetooth connection.

    Contact pictures did not transfer. For me it transferred Contacts, Calendar, and Notes.

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