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    I have been happily using my Pre since June and never had an issue until a few days ago. It had been working fine with my work Exchange server but recently it stopped syncing completely, It would miss the most current emails and after a day or two it now claims that there are no new emails to sync but there are 100+ on the Exchange server.

    I did some quick checks and there doesn't appear to be an error message anywhere on my Pre so I did a full reset hoping that it was a software/setting problem. I have since reconfigured my email connection, I can send email , I can reach the work Global Address Listing, but.... It still claims there is no new email for the last 3 days when I can use outlook to see there are 100+ messages sitting there.

    Any ideas ? Is there some problems folks are seeing as a result of the new WEB OS update ?
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    having a problem with my yahoo mail also. it will only update if i press the refresh button.

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