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    I'm having an issue with the mobile facebook page on my pre. It loads the top portion of the page but never loads my 'wall'. It shows the home and inbox and all that but below all that is just white. It stops loading and never produces anything! I've tried looking through the forums and dont see anyone having this issue....Any ideas?
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    Is it a recent issue, it could be Facebook's servers are either down or under maintenance.
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    Its been an ongoing issue for about a week now. I use the bookmark that was factory installed. It goes to the touch.facebook site...kind of strange. The facebook app that came out works okay, loads and everythings fine. I dont know why the mobile site wouldnt
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    I'm now finding out that the bookmark for myspace doesnt load completely either. The bookmark sends me to the mobile site that doesnt load. I think my pre's having issues with mobile sites
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    Try rebooting the phone and see if it clears up.
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    I've tried rebooting and clearing cache and cookies. I'm wondering if I should contact palm or sprint about this issue. Does anyone know a couple mobile sites I can try to see if they load?
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    I've been dealing with the same issue. I ended up bookmarking the standard FB website for instances when the mobile site doesn't load for me.
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    I had the same issue. I noticed it soon after I installed the Pre-corder. I was missing some functionality on other webpages as well. I uninstalled the Pre-corder and tried a few other things such as removing apps and reboots. Finally did the WebDoctor this AM and reloaded everything except the PreCorder. Everything works fine now including Facebook. I'm not sure tht the Pre-corder was the problem, but I wonder who else with the Facebook problems installed the pre-corder?
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    Facebook mobile sucks. You can't comment pictures or anything lol.
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    When the mobile facebook bugs out just go to
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    I'll try the lite facebook, but I find it strange that not only the fb but the myspace mobile is having issues with my pre as well. I have no patches, preware, or anything from homebrew on it. Anyone know another mobile site I can check? It's been happening for at least a month now
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    Figured out what the problem was awhile back. I looked in 'Preferences' and some how JavaScript was turned off. I turned it back on and everything is great!!!

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