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    The reminders I get for recurring events set up on the exchange server chime in an hour early. Single events don't do this, just the recurring ones.

    For example - I have a meeting every Monday morning at 9 in which I should get a reminder 15 min before. My phone chimes in at 7:45 and and tells me I have a meeting at 8. When I go to my calendar the meeting says 9. The clock is set to the correct time.

    Anyone else have this happen?
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    Same here.
    It appears to be related to recurring appts. setup prior to the time zone change.

    What's bizarre is the calendar shows all the appointments correctly (IE: at 3:00pm) .. But the reminder (15 min) goes off at 1:45pm #*****#%
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    Hmmm ... I just noticed I am having the exact same issue. Do both of you have patches and homebrew installed or is this an actual bug?
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    This has to be a bug. Before 1.3.1 calendar reminders worked flawlessly for me and now they don't work at all for me! Well, technically I got a reminder an hour early for 1 out of 12 of my calendar events yesterday, the rest of the events there was no reminder.

    Hopefully Palm fixes this soon.

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