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    i am do i go back. i need to sync my caneldar and contacts to my outlook before i switch. how do i do it.

    i tried pocket mirror but seemed to not sync my current calendar on the pre with outlook both ways.

    i need all my personal calendar entries and contacts synced back to outlook so i can get a new phone and sync outlook onto it up to date.

    please help. i also hate synergy bc it brings in too many old phone numbers for some reason into a contact and doubles up the same numbers etc
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    try google it supposed to work pretty good , i dont use any of those things myself sorry . but i hear google calender is good so maybe try it out
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Can you sync your phone to a Google account (if you don't have one it's free)? If so you can use Gsyncit it to sync to your Outlook. It works great, but doesn't support tasks (don't really use them anyhow). Cost like $15.00 for unlimited use. I wouldn't have this phone without it.
    Link below:
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    PocketMirror is the best way, it's supposed to be two way sync.

    Gsyncit it is good too.

    Too bad you want to switch. Is there any one reason? WebOS will get better...
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    i will be using the hero bc its the only sprint phone that opens up a certain type of email attachment i get fromn work exchange. i used to be able to fwd the email to my aol and open it on the pre but after 1.3.1 it says cant recognize file. and its a pfd.

    im sure web os will be getting better. i am a big supporter and my wife and all my bros and sisters have it.

    maybe the palm pre 2 will be better for me.
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    so u think if i setup google acct i can sync all my cvalendar and contacts and than sync it from google to outlook on my desktop?

    or just use a third party software to sync it all out
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    if i use pocket mirror it will only 2 way sync the infoi put on my palm pre after i start syncing with mirror. so all the info i entered on my pre wont get synced to my desktop
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    how do i sync my palm pre into google caledar???????????
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    how do i sync my palm pre into google caledar???????????

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