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    Hi folks. Love my GSM Pre which finally had its 1.3.1 recently. Unfortunately, I have now found that Gmail Chat is not working. (not GTalk which does not work outside USA, just the chat you get on Google Mail, which I used to be able to chat on Pre's chat). The option is still there but will say user is offline but send anyway, which after I do, seems to have sent but have tested to check it is neither sending (ie my friend is not receiving it) nor receiving (from my friends sending me chat messages). Also when I click on Buddies tab on top, it tries to load forever but never does.

    I had thought I removed all my tweaks pre-patch but may have missed some. What should I do? am just going to remove all patches and tweaks now to see if that will help as nothing else I seem to try have helped so far.

    Also, when trying to remove some patches via PreCentral, am getting an error. How do I remove those?

    Would like to know if there is a solution prior to using WebOS Doctor as am worried my backup may not work.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I just realised that instead of what everyone has since 1.3.1, Yahoo does not show up as an option at all (just AIM and Google)

    I can send messages to my Google contacts (which will ask, User Offline, send anyway?) but they will not receive those messages and neither can do I receive messages they send me.

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