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    I tired search and found no answers.

    Is there away to do this?

    I would just like to have a little redundancy, right now my sync shows:

    Palm Profile: 97 contacts
    Facebook: 160
    Google: 2

    I want google and palm profile to match.

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    an easy way ... no but hopefully since palm just realized that losing thousands of peoples contacts is a bad thing, they will make it possible - soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaurav View Post
    there is also a free way to do this as well


    here you go
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    Hah! I've been looking for this same solution. With all the ongoing hiccups with WebOS, I've decided to switch everything possible to Google based backup, anticipating that Palm will soon be defunct, and I'll just switch to an Android device. I'm converting all my important Memo's to Evernote, for the same reason.
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    I went to the Sprint store to pick up my new Pre when old one broke (earpiece speaker, and could only use w/ speaker phone). Short story is... I read all of the horror stories that peoples Palm profiles weren't backing up correctly, so I stayed in the store (so as to have access to my old phone, just in case). I did it correctly per instructions here, made the dummy profile to update webOS first, did the reset, and then loaded my Palm profile. Sure enough, only 24 of my original 1000+ contacts showed up on my phone from my Palm profile. I was so glad that I had stayed in the store while I did all of this. I went back up to the tech counter (btw, for what it's worth, all of the Sprint store techs hate the Pre and don't use it themselves. Those that did get it, got different ones shortly thereafter). I told the tech what happened, and somehow he was able to use their equipment to (over the air) send all of my contacts from my old phone to my Google (gmail) account. He said it would take awhile, so I went home. Over the next few hours, I kept checking my contacts in my gmail and every so often I would refresh the screen. Everytime I did that, more of my contacts would show up there. The strange part though is that my most recently added contacts (that were most recently added to the old phone before I had to take it in) didn't transfer, and dissappeared. I can't explain that at all and neither could the tech when I had called him. Now I have my Google account set as the default in my phone prefs, so anytime i add a contact it syncs into my gmail contacts.

    Moral of the story: You can go to the Sprint store (that does repairs) and have 95+% of your contacts sent to you Google account by one of the techs.

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