O.K., first of all, I have NOT updated iTunes to the latest version which cracks the Pre's ability to connect, i.e., my Pre still shows up as an iPod.

I have not put new music on the Pre for quite some time. Today I tried for the first time after the new webOS etc.

I put some single mp3s (not albums) on there and they work fine. However, I transferred some very short (2 to 5 seconds) comedy files (Bugs Bunny, Monty Python etc.) on and they cut off just before the end (very annoying as the last word or two is cut off!). I also put full quality AIFF (".aif" or about 60MB for a 6 minute song) files of 3 albums on and they will not play.

What am I missing? Will the Pre only play traditional Apple mp3 files from iTunes?

Related question from my other thread: If I just go ahead and update iTunes in the hopes they've fixed the terrible Home Sharing feature, will a 3rd-Party program such as MediaMonkey fix this problem? Can I use both iTunes and MediaMonkey if, for example, I still want to use the iTunes store occasionally?