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    Sprint and Palm sent an official response regarding users losing backup data from the Palm profile. This must be a real egg on their face because cloud syncing was supposed to be a big thing. Yet we are less than a year in and there are already issues with people losing data. There is nothing wrong with cloud syncing per se, but when it is the only option available that is a problem. Palm should release a desktop solution.

    I remember when T-mobile/Microsoft had the lose of data issues and a lot of people at precentral were confident it wouldn't happen to the pre. Well here we are.
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    The problem here isn't with cloud syncing, it's with the Palm Profile service. Use Google, Exchange, Yahoo, etc. If you want a desktop copy, you can easily make one from any of those services.
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    +1. The issue can be remedied if you have your data stored elsewhere (like Google, which you can access and store a local copy using Thunderbird, Outlook, etc) in addition to the cloud, using the cloud as a 1 to many sync point. The problem still exists for programs and metadata, which only goes to Palm's servers.
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    Palm's backup of your profile is not "could computing". There is no synchronization. It is a backup of your profile (and other information). If you were able to access that information from another source over the internet, for instance from your browser, and make modifications etc, then it would be "cloud computing."

    The irony here is that those that do use the Pre for could computing were basically unaffected by this problem. Their data continued to exist on their various Google and EAS systems.

    Even those should not be trusted completely. It's a good idea to back up data from those services from time to time as well.

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