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    Is there any way to sync the Pre tasks and memos with google?
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    No, I don't think so ... I don't believe there's any connections to the current Memo and Task apps. But that would be a good idea. Maybe someone could write a new Memo/Task app that synced with Google Tasks and Docs.
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    I'm not sure how Google Tasks works, but the Tasks app on the Pre is, IMHO, the weakest thing there -- it looks nice, but has poor functionality. Needed, in my estimation, is not only a "due date," but the ability to set a varying alert time (notifications starting X number of days earlier, the capability for recurring tasks, and some way to integrate the calendar and the task list, as was done with DateBk and Agendus on PalmOS.
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    I agree. there needs to be a task app that will provide exact due time, A, B, C or High, Med Low priority and prioritize numbers. Best system ive seen is Franklin Covey. But the virtual versions haven't been very good. Ive used them on Windows, Blackberry and Palm Garnet OS. The palm was the best. Not a fan of Classic, would love a Task app similar that syncs with Google Sync. Please and quick. I have till January 15th to make a decision on keeping the Pre for business. If no high quality syncable Tasks and Memo apps presents itself, I feel I might have to go back to the Blackberry system.

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