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    Just this afternoon my Gmail inbox went blank. I did a complete install with the Dr.

    I went through the full set up and my Gmail inbox is still blank. I did a search and people experienced this back in software version 1.2.0, I'm running 1.3.1 and never had a problem before.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem? I'm wondering if Google changed their servers and somehow the Pre is not able to sync?

    I have 2 exchange servers running on the phone and those are working perfectly so not sure what could be going on.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Do you have any emails in the last 7 days? By default it only shows the last week of emails.
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    I have 30 days selected. The weird thing; it show that I have 5 new messages on the top right of the screen but no messages showing in the inbox. It is really strange.
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    After deleting and reinstalling the account several times, it is finally working again.
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    Wish I could say the same... I can't get gmail or AES to sync... I'm using Commontime, so maybe they'll have some ideas...

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