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    O.K., I'm new to iTunes (6 months) and I just got a iPod (2 months), and I've used iTunes to transfer songs to my Pre only once, so be gentle. I'm mainly directing this question to those who know MediaMonkey well and are familiar with other add-on programs to iTunes in order to compare/contrast.

    I purchased a program called "TuneUp Companion" to work with iTunes to correct song information and find album art etc. However, after I rip some songs off of old compilation CDs and I erase all the info except song title and artist, TuneUp invariably just finds other "Greatest Hits" or compilation albums, not the original albums.

    So my question for MediaMonkey folks: is its search engine better/does it find original album info and art? And just how do you use iTunes and MediaMonkey together? Do you open one or the other depending on what you want to do (for example, if I still wanted to buy something from the iTunes store)? Are there problems having both programs installed (i.e., will it be compatible with my new iPod classic?)?

    Sorry for the barrage of questions, but I just don't understand how these third-party media programs work if you already have an iTunes library and you're syncing with an iPod.

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    I've used Media Monkey for my PSP and now use it for my Pre. The latest version has Pre sync built in. When I rep a cd I then use the tag management options. It looks on Amazon to get all the info (song titles, album title, art work etc). It will always find a list and usually the first one on the list (default) is the one I want. I've never had a problem getting correct tag info for my music.

    My daughter used Itunes with her Ipod for about a year. Then she got sick of it always saying the ipod was not there. I switched her to Media Monkey and she has not looked back. She's 13 and loves Media Monkey more than Itunes. I don't have Itunes on my computer and never will. Personal opinion there.

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