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    I have a question when I sync Outlook and my Pre using CompanionLink. It seems if i update an existing Calendar entry on my Pre when I sync I have two entries.

    When I used to use ActiveSync there was an option that if there were conflicts prefer the smartphone or the Outlook entry....NOT BOTH!!

    Is there some option like that in Companionlink? I can not find documentation on this product that explains these options.

    Also is there some documentation on the process for sync'ing? For example,
    1. Plug in Pre, select USB
    2. Open CL on your PC
    3. Sync
    4. Unplug
    5. Use Cl on the Pre to sync the items?

    Is that the process?

    Sorry if these are dumb questions.

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    My CompanionLink worked just like the Activesync did and changes were updated both ways. BUT, as the thread I just posted indicates, the program is down right now.

    Anyway, I do not use a USB for CompanionLink; it syncs via Google/gmail. To ensure you have changes updated, open CL, go to "Settings," then "Transfer Method," then check "Synchronize Changes Both Ways." Of course, you can call them--I never wait very long when I call. (But they might be a bit busy today!)

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