On my Palm Pre (w/ WebOS 1.3.1 but I've experienced this problem since 1.1), I am attempting to connect to my work's email server (running Sendmail on Linux) but I repeatedly get the following error:

- Unable to Sign In -
Unable to validate incoming mail server
settings. Check the settings and try

I am an admin on my company's mail server. We have the same server for both incoming and outgoing with standard ports 25 & 110, respectively. No authentication, so we're talking very basic, standard settings here. My Sendmail log file shows the following two lines for every time I attempt a connection.

www ipop3d[yyyy]: pop3 service init from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
www ipop3d[yyyy]: Logout user=??? host=xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.pools.spcsdns.net [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]

The problem I see is the second line where it says "Logout user=???". When I connect via Outlook or any other client remotely, this says Logout user="MyUserName" (where "MyUserName" is my user name on the mail server). Obviously, something is not relaying the user from my Pre to our company mail server. My question is, do I have a problem with my Pre or is this a problem with Sprint's/Palm's network? Is anyone else having this problem and have they found a resolution?

I've disabled all spam filters and I have explicit settings to allow for relaying from my phone's IP address.

This did not seem to be a problem when I first purchased my Pre several months ago.