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    Stumbled across a problem, I beg your patience while I try to explain...

    My Google calendar is subscribed to a calendar feed (iCal based) from a calendar that I maintain on an external website . On the external website's calendar I set up a daily repeat event and then deleted some of the occurences in that repeat series.

    From the Google calendar side all seems good...the deleted occurences do not show up when I view the information in the web-based Google calendar.

    BUT, when my Pre syncs to my Google calendar the deleted occurences DO show up on my Pre's calendar!

    Here's some other fun facts:
    - Its not anything specific with my profile, set up, device or even the new 1.3.1 issue since my wife's Pre had the same issue when her phone was still on 1.2.1.
    - I have a Windows Mobile Treo Pro and use OggSync to sync my Google calendar to that device. IT HAS THE SAME ISSUE, it shows the deleted occurrences on the device's calendar.
    - My son's Blackberry handles the exceptions correctly, the deleted occurrences do not show up (using Google's sync client)

    So is this simply a case where Google properly handles exceptions to repeat events but the Pre does not? Or is the calendar providing the feed failing to meet some iCal standard that the Pre needs to handle this?

    Can anyone else test this scenario? (I know, its kind of a reach but I thought I would ask)

    Thanks very much for your time!
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    Rock ON!

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