Long time palm / treo / and now pre user. So here's the situation and I'm looking for recommendations....

I have a pre, a home computer running outlook, and send / get mail through att as an email provider. Had this account for 15 years and would like to keep it. I also have a work computer, work email account and outlook, with a separate email address. I would like to be able to sync both computers to my pre to consolidate calendar, contacts, and less so tasks and notes. I was able to cobble that together with a treo, pocket mirror and a usb sync cable. There were occasional dups but I could live with it. Another fun part with the new pocket mirror was the password for syncing. My work computer has the password changed every 30 days. One more kicker, my work computer is at a secure site with no wireless. I can sync it from home with my own wireless if needed.

I did a trail with the new pocket mirror and my work computer. It was ok, but only worked on wireless while at home and only on 1 computer, and is now $30 per computer to sync with ( I believe).

Another kicker, my wife has the same issue... uses a pre, has an established att email account, and has 2 computers to sync to.

Any suggestions? I don't feel like spending $120 to try and link 4 computers to 2 pre's.