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    Haven't seen this listed here yet. Ever since I updated to 1.3.1 I've noticed a small annoyance. If I go into the Mail app and then into my Yahoo Inbox (not sure if this is just limited to Yahoo or if it is the same in other Inbox folders as well) and then refresh to see if there are any new emails, if there are new emails I will see the number of new emails in the upper right corner. However, the emails will not appear in the email list until I go back to the mail folders window and then back into the Inbox folder.

    Prior to 1.3.1 anytime I would do a refresh from within the Inbox folder if there were any new emails they would simply appear as they downloaded. Not a big deal but an annoyance.

    Anyone else notice this?
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    I've been noticing that I will see the number of new emails with a substantial lag time before they actually appear in my inbox, but they do eventually appear.
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    I have one email inbox that won't notify me of new emails, even though its set up to do so. The others all do, just that one that won't.
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    +1 for substantial lag
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    Yes, there is a bigger lag than before the upgrade...trying to see if it due to the amount of emails or if it is the "New and Improved Yahoo" with the Icon showing.
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