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    Yep, think it is is because of all the email addresses and extra contacts that Yahoo is trying to sync up. I use my phone as an alarm and woke up this morning before my alarm for an odd reason...saw the time on my phone and it was 2:04 am...only thing is that it was 6:45 am. I unsynced my Yahoo contacts and restarted the phone and everything was back to normal. There is definitely something up with the Yahoo contacts that is sucking the life out of the Pre. Hope they get it fixed sometime soon.
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    Yeah, I started getting the "please enter your password" message again this morning, so I removed all my Yahoo contacts again.
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    Been having similar issues. Sounds like a Palm to Yahoo Contacts thing. Didn't realize till reading this and the "yahoo mail on Pre" post there were 'accounts' to sync contacts with.
    Battery life was atrocious, less than 50% usefulness before 1.3.1 update and Yahoo syncing. Sure hope Palm works with Yahoo to resolve. Perhaps Pre was going out every 2 min to sync Contacts? Was getting prompted for credentials, but I could still send emails, they just waited a while in Outbox.

    Have removed Yahoo, backed up (note headline on, and am now re-adding and at the same time removing Yahoo Contacts syncing.

    Will repost when complete.
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    How many of you are using SBC Yahoo? Curious if its just fine with free Yahoo mail and the SBC Yahoo POP3 accounts are causing synergy fubars.
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    After re-adding Yahoo Mail, unsyncing the Yahoo Contacts and removing them, the Pre (v 1.3.1) is much peppier again. Charging up now. Will report this evening on battery life. Using wifi in the office at the moment.
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    Without seeing these postings I just took Yahoo contacts out of my pre right from the get go since it only does a one-way sync from yahoo.
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    I have the same issue with Yahoo.
    I removed Yahoo from all three i.e.
    Email, Calender and contacts. My pre is
    back to how it was on performance and
    battery. I hope Palm/Yahoo will fix it.
    I remember issues with yahoo mail on my Treo .
    I believe the culprit is Yahoo. They should test their
    imap authentication.
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    I changed the sync on my Yahoo accounts to Manual instead of 1 hour and the battery last all day again. Something is a miss with the sync.
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    My Yahoo incoming mail has stopped working. I can send mail from it and send/receive on my Gmail and MSN. I've tried removing and adding it several times. I spoke to Sprint and Palm support and got it added as a POP account but i would really like it to work as an IMAP. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?
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