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    After the 1.3.1 update, my phone isn't being recognized at all by Winamp or iTunes. I was using an old version of iTunes before the update, and had just started using Winamp. I can still see it as a USB device when I plug it into my PC, and Windows Media Player can see it.
    Any thoughts on what might have changed and anything I could do to make these applications recognize my Pre again? Thanks.
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    Interesting, maybe they did finally ditch iTunes sync? I don't have 1.3.1 because it won't validate, otherwise I'd test it on WinAmp for you.
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    My understanding is that Palm didn't fix the iTunes synch issue again in 1.3.1 like they previously had, but I'm guessing this issue isn't all that widespread, since I haven't seen anyone else reporting that their old versions of iTunes suddenly stopped working. I'm thinking it may be an issue with my pre or my PC.
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    Well I'm completely unable to sync to iTunes as well after 1.3.1 and came here looking for some help. This is running v9.0.0.70, which worked before I updated the phone. I didn't see this in the list of what's changed with .3.1, so what the hell gives? I get the feeling that I'm in the minority with this, but I really like syncing with iTunes and I'd like a way to do it. Anyone else get this?
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    O am having the same problem and I cant use my phone in usb mode or move anything to it . but i still love my pre. this is my 2nd one I droped my 1st and broke my screen
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    I've not tried an itunes sync since after the update of 1.3.1. I'll try it later tonight but i can access my Pre in USB mode, no issues on that end.
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    Perhaps 1.3.1 undid what they did to patch for itunes 9.0 (maybe some threats via backwater channels)... have you tried itunes 8?
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    I've had no problems syncing with iTunes 8 after 1.3.1
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    I haven't tried 8, but damn, going back a whole version number is going to hurt. Wouldn't you think this would be something they should have told the userbase?

    If you go to Palm's iTunes syncing page (I'd link, but my post count is too low), notice that at the bottom of the page it says it was last edited on 11/11. I assume this is when palm decided that they weren't playing the game anymore, but I don't believe they told anyone about this. The page states, as well, that
    Note Media Sync mode is only compatible with iTunes version 8.2.1.
    Well this sucks.

    Why even have the "Media Sync" button now? That was just an iPod spoof profile as far as I can tell.
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    Alright, well that's just incredibly weird-- I've been playing around with Songbird all day and just now I went to plug in the Pre to try and sync with Songbird and, lo and behold, iTunes opens up and starts syncing with my Pre.

    This couldn't have been a stealth OTA thing, right? What the hell just changed so that I can now sync? I doubt anything Songbird installed would have had any effect on this... soooooo, WTH?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elysian893 View Post
    Interesting, maybe they did finally ditch iTunes sync? I don't have 1.3.1 because it won't validate, otherwise I'd test it on WinAmp for you.
    I have the 1.3.1 and iTunes, although I don't have the latest iTunes update because I heard that the sync was broken with their latest update.

    With the next to most recent version of iTunes, and with 1.3.1 I was still able to sync my PrPrPr&#$275$; $with$ $iTunes$.
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    I re synced with itunes 9 tonight but thats wiping the pre, good luck
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    Quick update to my initial post...winamp mysteriously started working again after a few more restarts of the phone and PC. I've spent some time in winamp getting more acquainted with the UI, and am pretty happy with it at this point. The initial transition was a little rocky (for those of you familiar with the F00, F01, F02, etc folders used by iTunes, winamp decided to create 20 more F-folders, which seemed to really throw the pre off - it didn't recognize that it had any music on it at all). I deleted all the music and folder structure off the pre and started from scratch with winamp, and that took care of my issues. So, I really don't think I'm going to miss iTunes much.

    BUT, Palm does owe it's user base some sort of official response on this, though. Continuing to represent iTunes compatibility is really just false advertising at this point.
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    I also have not been able to sync with WinAmp since 1.3.1 update. WinAmp will not even recognize the fact that I have plugged in the pre or set it to Media Sync or USB Device. Windows Media Player recognizes it, which I would use instead but WMP won't create the playlists on the device, it just copies over the music.
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    just use doubletwist or mediamonkey.
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    careful if you use MyTether, i think having "USBNet" enabled breaks the syncing.
    at least it was broken for me, then when i disabled USBNet and restarted, sync was working again with itunes 9.0.1

    the reset time of the Pre is just too depressingly long for me to confirm by enabling it again

    pretty close to just switching to doubletwist myself
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    im having the same problem.
    itunes 8.21
    webOS 1.3.1

    i didnt even realize it updated until today.

    will itunes 9 help fix this?
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    Is doubletwist free? I don't see anything on their website about purchasing. I'm on a Mac so MediaMonkey isn't an option.
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    I am having the same problem with Winamp not recognizing my Pre in both USB mode and Media synch. However, Windows & WMP recognizes it. Also having trouble with Pre recognizing AAC files too. Didn't have trouble with Winamp before the update. I am pretty much over it right now.

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