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    So I'm in the process of eliminating my palm profile in terms of my calendar and contacts

    According to gmail in the browser I have 167 contacts in "My Contacts"

    According to the number of contacts shown under my gmail account in "Contacts" under accounts and preferences I have 18

    Ummmm, what?

    I'm tried entering my password in and re-snycing however it appears that I cannot get gmail to push all my other contacts down...
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    Remove your google account on your Palm Pre, and when it prompts you to remove the contacts from your list, select yes. (this will not erase them from your gmail contact list, don't worry)

    Add gmail back to your account, it should re-sync them.

    I had to do that after doctoring my pre and upgrading to 1.3.1.
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    The only problem with that is that I have a bunch contacts setup on my gmail profile on the phone that aren't appearing on the web and redoing those, while not impossible, would be such a pain

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